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Managing Director of Carbon Limits Nigeria

James Ogunleye has 20 years’ broad experience in energy, climate change and project developments in Africa.

 He has special interest and expertise in energy access and carbon markets.

 He has developed climate mitigation related projects which include gas flare reduction, fugitive methane reduction and so much more.

 He works extensively on Monitoring, Reporting and Verification activities of projects and has contributed to the mitigation action plan for projects in the Nigeria O&G sector. He was involved in the revision of the Nigeria NDC and many other national assignments.

James has attended and spoken at several conferences both locally and internationally. He was involved in several capacity building workshops on energy and climate change in Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, and Ghana.

He was the Team lead in registration and monetization of carbon credits for three (3) gas flare reduction projects among which is the biggest CDM project in Nigeria.

He is a seasoned Engineer and currently the Managing Director of Carbon Limits Nigeria.

 He currently works closely with companies in the Oil & Gas, Power, and Manufacturing sectors on climate related activities for their projects.