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Group Executive Director (Corporate Strategy) for the Pan Ocean/ Newcross companies

Dr. Bolaji Ogundare is the Group Executive Director (Corporate Strategy) for the Pan Ocean/ Newcross companies ( a group of related upstream exploration and production companies in Nigeria), and a founding partner and director of Carbon Limits ( Nigeria). Via Carbon Limits, a leading climate-based advisory firm, the team is providing climate change mitigation and carbon assessment of projects to governmental, public and private institutions. Carbon Limits also works in advising companies in the energy sector on flare elimination, leak detection and repair of fugitive gases and implementation of vapor recovery units which has significant impact on aiding energy companies transition into energy efficient companies. 

In the upstream sector, Bolaji has supported the growth of Newcross, towards being an indigenous exploration and production company highly focused on reserve addition; and with assets ranging from early exploration to producing assets and strategic investments the gas processing and crude oil transportation in Nigeria. Recently, Newcross expanded its interests via NewX, a subsidiary through which the company is developing its non-fossil fuel energy interests.

He sits on the board of a select number of companies who are driven by their environmental, sustainability and governance goals, in the areas of energy delivery via liquified petroleum gas, data mining and analytics, health technology, financial technology and hospitality. Until September 2022, he was the Board Chairman of PNG Gas Limited, an indigenous LPG production company that processes gas for domestic LPG utilization.

He started his professional career in the Health Sciences over 20 years ago in Nigeria and subsequently, in the United States. Following his advanced education and Board Certification as an attending Physician/ Assistant Professor in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at New York University, he transitioned to the Energy Sector with Newcross, where he has risen to an executive management level in the energy sector. He has attended numerous programs and workshops in the areas of corporate growth and strategy, leadership development and advisory services. He is currently focused on integrating energy companies to meet future energy trends.