Call for Abstracts


Abstract Submission Deadlines

June 30, 2022: Abstract Submission
July 31, 2022: Acceptance Letter Issuance
August 31, 2022: Full Paper Submission


  1. Energy Transition and Evolving Regulatory Framework
  2. Gas Development, Commercialization and Monetization in the Energy Transition Era
  3. Geo-environmental Strategies in the Energy Transition Era
  4. New Concepts and Approaches in Geophysics
  5. Petroleum System Studies and Integrated Reservoir Modelling
  6. New Technology Application in Exploration and Production
  7. Geoscience Training in the New Energy Mix: adapting in a changing world
  1. Only ONLINE SUBMISSION is allowed. To submit your abstract(s) for the 40th NAPE Annual International Conference and Exhibition, CLICK HERE. Fill all the sections and upload your abstract(s).
  2. We strongly recommend that all abstracts be submitted as MS word documents.
  3. The body of the abstract should contain a description of the proposed paper with objectives, procedures/methodology, and conclusions. No illustrations, figures, references, abbreviations, acknowledgments, or itemized points are permitted in the abstracts. Abstracts must be relevant to the conference theme as well as the most applicable technical sub-theme.
  4. Abstracts should not be more than 3000 characters (300 words), including spaces and punctuations. The title, authors, and authors’ affiliations are not included in the character limit.
  5. Titles should be brief. All authors must indicate their affiliations, e-mail, and phone numbers for easy communication.
  6. Evaluation and ranking of abstracts are based on relevance and timeliness of subject matter; usefulness of contribution to the advancement of knowledge, techniques, or practice; and overall clarity, organization, and presentation of ideas.
  7. Only presentations that have accompanying full papers submitted before the full paper submission deadline shall qualify for consideration for presentation and best paper award.
  8. Authors are invited to have their work, (both oral and poster) presentations, published in the NAPE Bulletin to preserve their work for future reference. Bulletin publication requires the submission of the full paper with references included.
  9. For further inquiries, contact the Chairman, Editorial Board/Technical Program Committee via e-mail: or;
  10. The acceptance of abstracts by the 2022 NAPE AICE Technical Program Committee shall be based on the quality of the abstract submitted and whether the abstract fits into the theme and subthemes of the conference.

Are you all set?